Hoop! There It Is!


This is a KDP free promotion. For Kindle Select entries (meaning I am only on KDP at the 70% option), I can put it up for free up to 5 days. I picked three to see if it will help the flat-line report at all.  The pictures from the previous posts, along with the pathetic little apology, were shamelessly splattered on my Facebook wall.

Not only that, I added it to the Absolute Write Water Cooler forum. We’ll see what happens. I think the problem is that the world doesn’t agonize about how well I am doing on self publishing as I do. Now, that’s just weird. What’s with this world?

If nothing happens… That’s OKAY! I’ve got this non-fiction WIP that is going traditional by hook or crook!


Author: johnbeaverspen

Lifetime software engineer and writer of light, humorous science fiction books centered around thought inventions. Also, I love to write skits, flash, and short stories in humor and theology. For romance and history, I will point to my sister, Rosalee for that.

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